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sharavathi valley trekking on 6th and 7th september - vivek_nag
sharavathi valley trekking on 6th and 7th september
This was one of the most anticipated trekking routes which i was waiting to explore and boy i wasnt disappointed. Sampath our trekking organiser and a very good friend of mine took us in his maiden water sports trek to the sharavati backwater region and it was simply too good to put in words. We spent 2 days canoeing,karaoeking and exploring the small islands in the region. It was an adventurous fun filled and joyous trip.
After so many people dropping in and out we finally had a group of 11 people including sampath,john,ganesh,rajesh,shashi, the cook dharma and the support staff who came for the event. we reached the camping site by 8 in the morning and immediately took the boats and the kayaks and left the shores and after about an hour we had come to a small island which served as a camping site. The location of the camping site was a paradise with wonderful scenery of river,mountains and greenery all around us.After having delcious Upma and tea for breakfast we had an informal swimming session during the morning and a class by sampath on how to handle boats and oars in the river. later after a simple lunch We went on island exploration by boats and had a great time taking pictures of the beautiful scenery around. At nite we had yummy dinner of rice rasam and payasa and kashaya which was delicious. We pitched our tents and spent the rest of the evening chatting and having fun and went to bed early.
The next day we were woken up with thunder showers early in the morning. After it subsided we had bright sunshine and went swimming, everyone participated in this event even though some didn’t know swimming.It was fun having a group swimming event.we had akki rotti and sambhar for breakfast and then had a session on kayaking. After having lots of fun on the water and learning to row we had lunch and photo session along with jackets and paddles. 
we decided to go back home early as many people had office the next day. we reached Bangalore at 4am on Monday morning and after the routine wishes and goodbyes left for our respective homes. overall it was a nice trek where we had a lot of fun  

the link to photos are below


these are some other photos taken by Shashi and John



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